Music Workshops for Schools

Drumming, singing and composing are great ways to develop confidence in young people, and Musicality Education provide exciting and stimulating workshops for pupils across all Key Stages, community groups and adult learners, as well as INSET for teachers.

We currently offer the following workshops:

African Music (drumming, percussion, vocal work)

Using traditional instruments, pupils will experience the excitement of African music through team work, games, rhythmical work and singing. The experience will also give them an insight into African life with our work also covering the social and spiritual aspects of music and its impact in African culture. These workshops can either be a half day or full day, and can also be tailored to suit your needs. Perhaps your school is celebrating a multicultural day, or is keen to develop SMSC throughout the school. An African Music Workshop Day could be just the experience you are looking for.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Learn and explore African rhythms and learn about polyrhythms
  • Learn about the djembe, dun dun and hand percussion and how to make different tones and sounds
  • Develop improvisation and confidence in performing
  • Teach traditional African songs to compliment the drumming
  • Incorporate rhythmic games and activities to develop skills and confidence

Pupils will:

  • Experience a new style of music and develop an understanding of music from another culture
  • Feel the thrill of performing music with others
  • Feel an empowered sense of confidence and enjoyment
  • Develop their musical skills in line with the National Curriculum Guidelines for Music


Samba and the Rio Carnival

Samba is great fun to play, and all key stages will enjoy learning about the traditional Brazilian instruments and rhythms. Listening skills and teamwork are crucial for the success of Samba, and pupils will learn about the social aspect of music-making as well as experiencing the thrill of performing with others.

During the workshops, we will:

  • Learn about and explore the different instruments that make up the Samba Band using traditional instruments
  • Develop team working skills
  • Develop improvisation and confidence in performing
  • Teach songs which compliment the drumming music
  • Incorporate rhythm games and activities to inspire and excite

Pupils will:

  • Experience the thrill of performing the samba in different sections, and experience all of the different instruments in the band
  • Feel an empowered sense of confidence when performing
  • Experience music from a different culture, and learn more about how music is important in the community
  • Develop their musical skills in line with the National Curriculum Guidelines for Music


Taiko Drumming

Taiko is a vibrant and exciting way to play the drums. Using traditional Japanese techniques and musical vocabulary, the amazing sound of these drums will inspire and excite pupils. A real sense of teamwork is developed throughout the workshop and the opportunity to perform on traditional Taiko drums is an amazing opportunity for pupils and teachers alike.

During the workshops, we will:

  • Learn about the context of Taiko drumming in Japanese culture, including basics of Japanese language, musical vocabulary, playing techniques and the drums themselves
  • Develop team working skills through progressively challenging drum patterns and pieces

Pupils will:

  • Experience the thrill of performing on traditional Taiko drums
  • Gain experience of a new culture, including the language, social environment, musical culture and more
  • Feel a sense of confidence and joy when performing with others
  • Develop their musical skills in line with the National Curriculum Guidelines for Music


Song in a Day

Song in a Day is a workshop that can be adapted to suit your needs, and encourages participants to compose their own song. After learning about the process of songwriting, including melody, chords and sequences, groups will put together their song and record their work using music technology and a variety of instruments. The song is produced and then mastered to an mp3 which can then be used on school websites, in assemblies, leavers assemblies and any way you choose.

During the workshops, we will:

  • Explore different topics, link with the English curriculum and develop lyric writing techniques
  • Learn about chord structures
  • Use music technology and a variety of instruments to write the song
  • Perform and record the completed song

Pupils will:

  • Have an opportunity to really express themselves through lyrics and song
  • Develop a sense of confidence and musical knowledge as the song starts to unfold
  • Have the confidence to perform on the recording of the song and have a sense of real achievement


Save the Planet!

Suitable for KS1 and KS2 pupils, Save the Planet! is an exploration of music through an environmental theme. The focus of this project is to devise music from recycled materials, and have great fun doing it too! Pupils will use a variety of different materials to create several pieces of music, and will develop their teamwork and co-operation skills working in a group to devise their own work. They will also learn how to make music with boomwhackers (tubes) to compliment their environmental piece. This is a truly exciting and fun activity for all pupils to engage with.

During the workshops, we will:

  • Explore the sounds and timbres of a variety of recyclable materials including drum sounds, shaker sounds and more
  • Provide resources for pupils to make and design their own instrument
  • Teach pupils how to use boomwhackers and how to create a piece of music from them

Pupils will:

  • Develop creativity and musical skills making their own instrument and performing with others
  • Learn about the environment and recycling, and learn songs associated with this important message
  • Have the opportunity to work in groups and improvise their own composition
  • Develop a sense of timing and musical performance with others


Vocal Workshops

Singing together is often a experience that most of us remember from school. Songs from our childhood often stay with us for life, and a vocal workshop for your school will be just as memorable. Vocal workshops can take the form of rotation sessions throughout the day with different year groups on a theme of your choice, such as gospel music to fit into a multicultural day, harmony singing for older students, musical theatre, musical history through song, protest songs and many more. Vocal workshops can also include elements of performance using instruments to compliment the vocal work, and can include a performance at the end of the day for fellow students, parents and staff. 


Composition Workshops (upper KS2, KS3, GCSE)

Composing music is an extremely rewarding process, whether it be writing a song, soundtrack or instrumental piece. Composing works very well as part of themed days in school, such as multicultural days, anti-bullying, British values and mental health to name but a few. Students can express their opinions, share their message and learn more about their topic through the medium of music. Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs, such as working in rotation with different year groups with a performance at the end of the day, or working with a smaller group of targeted pupils to achieve positive outcomes. 


GCSE Composing Workshops

Composition can be a daunting experience for many students at GCSE level, and often a spark of inspiration or a boost in confidence can reap great rewards. Composition workshops can be tailored to the needs of your cohort, and may take the form of first steps in composing right through to preparing for set brief and own choice compositions. 


Instrumental Lessons

Musicality Education also offers instrumental tuition in schools for piano, recorder, saxophone and theory. Other instruments may be available on request. Tuition can run during the school day or after school, and you will find our rates are very competitive. Please drop us a line to ask about music tuition.


Please contact us for more information about any of our workshops, and to talk about your school and your requirements.

All our workshops can be either half day or full day (except for Taiko, full day only) and can also run into evening concerts / performances on request.